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Canaan Full Gospel Christian Church

In all we do, we should honor the Lord of the Harvest. The Holy Spirit has given to us gifts to use for the building of God’s kingdom and the retrieval of souls. In this time in Canaan’s history, there is no room for pew sitters. Each of us has a unique and specific place in God’s plan. He has predestined all of us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. In this year 2015, we were all challenged to bring two souls to Christ. This may appear to be scary or an daunting task for some of us, but something as simple as inviting our friends and family members to church is a great start. Perhaps we can invite them to a baptism service, or to our youth service. Prayer restoration night is another way to invite others to Canaan. Ask your family, friends, acquaintances, or loved ones to come and support you by watching you sing, dance, or teach a bible study class. If we would be bold enough to just invite others to fellowship with us, we can create an atmosphere for others to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why do you give it a try, invite someone to church with you, That one gesture can open the door for miracles, signs, wonders, and most importantly, a soul saved.